Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

Carnegie Winter Flag League


Hi and welcome to the Carnegie Winter Flag League. In each of the 2 years we have ran the league so far, we have had really good feedback and gained a lot from it internally in our club but also around the other teams who have taken part and we intend to keep growing the possibilities of the league through the feedback and experience of everyone involved. We have already grown so much from having 4 teams in 2017/2018 to now 10 teams for the 2019/2020 Winter League and this is all thanks to all of you.

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The reason for starting and continuing to run the league was based upon feedback from current members of Carnegie American Football Club and other clubs around the HNC in Scotland. Limited use grass proved to be challenging for us as a club while indoor training is not safe for anyone with walls and hard floors potentially causing injury risks which reduced the amount of valuable development time, participation of flag and recruitment during the off season and with the additional costs of paying for artificial turf facilities along with poor weather outdoors, this was never fun or enjoyable for anyone new or existing to the sport. We began the Winter League so this would allow us to train more effectively, allow development of our players in better conditions, provide structure, meaningful games and offer a fun and enjoyable experience for our club members.

The objective for the 3rd edition of the Carnegie Winter Flag League is much the same as last year, which is to provide a platform for development of teams including but not limited to, new players learning the sport, Existing players trying new positions and players getting the chance to learn from experienced players, refereeing games and gaining feedback to improve upon and for everyone to have fun in a safe environment to play flag football during the winter months. Although the focus is for development of teams and players we do encourage the use of more experienced players (GB, Chieftains, Premier League ) as the knowledge these players can bring to development players is vital in growth of the sport, so we only ask that teams manage game day roster and rotations of players with the focus of the event being aimed at player development, growth of the sport and to ensure the league is fun for everyone.

Latest Winter League Standings


Week 1 Winter League Results

Carnegie Flag Football vs Grangemouth Colts
Renfrewshire Raptors vs Edinburgh Outlaws
Aberdeen Silvercats vs West Lothian Chargers
Top Guns vs Glasgow Killerbees
Glasgow Killerbees vs Renfrewshire Raptors
Aberdeen Silvercats vs Newcastle Blackhawks
Rexys Midnight Runners vs Top Guns
Grangemouth Colts vs Edinburgh Outlaws
Edinburgh Outlaws vs West Lothian Chargers
Carnegie Flag Football vs Glasgow Killerbees
Newcastle Blackhawks vs Renfrewshire Raptors
Rexys Midnight Runners vs Aberdeen Silvercats
Top Guns vs Aberdeen Silvercats
Grangemouth Colts vs West Lothian Chargers
Edinburgh Outlaws vs Glasgow Killerbees
Newcastle Blackhawks vs Carnegie Flag Football
Grangemouth Colts vs Newcastle Blackhawks
Glasgow Killerbees vs Rexys Midnight Runners
Renfrewshire Raptors vs Carnegie Flag Football
West Lothian Chargers vs Top Guns
Rexys Midnight Runners vs Edinburgh Outlaws
West Lothian Chargers vs Newcastle Blackhawks