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4th and Long Issue 2

In our second issue of 4th and Long we will be looking back at the Month of May and early June including the reviews of how the Steelers and Renegades got on in Week 3 of the BAFA Flag league, The Dunfermline Kings were in action against the Burnley Tornadoes and the Highland Stags, Upcoming…
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Carnegie Bowl 2017 Review

The annual Carnegie Bowl which puts all the Carnegie American Football Club player in Flag Belts took place on Sunday 11th June 2017. This year we had the Carnegie Steelers and the Carnegie Reneagdes our flag teams and also the Carnegie Eagles and Dunfermline Kings participating in this years tournament. The Dunfermline Kings would also…
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Kirkcaldy Bulls Big Bowl 2017

Kirkcaldy Bulls Big Bowl Review 2017

Kirkcaldy bulls have always had a competitive presence on the European stage and this year was no different as they descended on Walldorf, Germany for their annual pilgrimage – Big Bowl. Big Bowl XI is the biggest, and arguably best, European Flag Football Tournament, hosted by Walldorf Wanderers. The Bulls were drawn against a few…
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Home field advantage not enough as Kings fall short to impressive Highland Stags

Match Report Dunfermline Kings 8 – 24 Highland Stags A wet and windy start to this friendly at Duloch Community Leisure Centre between the home team, Dunfermline Kings and the Highland Stags. This would be Highland’s first game in their existence. The rain quickly subsided but a slight breeze remained. The Kings won the toss…
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Kings Vs Stags 21st May 2017 Preview

This Sunday the 21st May the Dunfermline Kings will come up against the Highland Stags in a friendly hosted by the Kings. The Game is scheduled to Kickoff at 12:30 at Duloch Leisure Centre in Dunfermline. The Kings are coming off the back of a great victory against the Burnley Tornadoes at the beginning of…
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Kirkcaldy Bulls Prepare for Big Bowl

The Kirkcaldy Bulls American Flag Football team were back in action on Saturday 6th May 2017 in preparation for Big Bowl XI and with 2 games lined up it would give the team some vital preparation time required for when they come up against some of the best flag teams in Europe. The Bulls roster would…
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Dunfermline Kings Victorious in Burnley Associate Game

Match Report Dunfermline Kings 20 – 8 Burnley Tornadoes Saturday 6th May 2017. The Dunfermline Kings traveled down to a sunny Burnley at Colne and Nelson Rugby Club for a matchup against the Burnley Tornadoes. The Kings won the toss, electing to receive. After a satisfactory return, the Kings began on Offense. Short runs from…
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Renegades Week 3 HNC Review

Sunday 7th May 2017 Renegades were back in action in match day three, against the Northern Aberdeen Oilcats, and playoff chasing Dunbeth dragons, all games were played in the heat and duloch in Dunfermline. Game 1 – Renegades Vs Aberdeen Oilcats First up was the oilcats, who brought a massive squad with them, we can…
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Steelers Week 3 HNC Review

Saturday 6th May 2017 Game 1 – Steelers Vs Midlothian Sabers Week 3 of the season saw the Steelers play games 5 , 6 and 7. First up in game 5 was against the Midlothian Sabers, a new team last year that has picked up a few experienced players from the chargers to bolster their…
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4th and Long Issue 1

In our first issue of 4th and Long we will be seeing what all the teams are up to over the Month of May.