Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

Youth Coaches

Dunfermline Saints Youth Coaches

Position: Head Coach

Name: Colin Anderson

Bio: Colin Anderson is a founding member of Carnegie American Football Club and one of the first members of Dunfermline Kings team as player/coach in 2014 .

Colin played football starting back in 1990 with the Dunfermline Wildcats as a Running Back. He then went on to play for Edinburgh Eagles, Lothian Raiders, Fife 49ers and Dundee Whalers and then finally for the Dunfermline Kings and played international football along the way.

Colin took up the mantle of head coach with the youth set up of the Dunfermline Saints in 2014 under another league set which brought the Dunfermline Saints back to back championships 2015 -2016 and 2016- 2017 and the Smurfs runners up in 2016 -2017 championship

Colin has spent 29 years in American Football playing and now coaching.

"I’m excited to have the opportunity to help build the youth and senior program here at Carnegie American Football club and the ethos of Carnegie football and the community club spirt and feel this club has."

Position: Coach

Name: Michael Rankin

Bio: Michael(MICK)Rankin founding member of Carnegie football started playing back in 1990 for Dunfermline wildcats and then Edinburgh eagles and Dundee whalers left football to go back to rugby and played until 2009 got coaching badge's and coached until 2012 was asked to join saints same year have been their ever since coaching smurfs giving kids a grounding in football great to see kids development through smurfs /saints /kings youth and to go on to play for kings have been hounered to be part of saints that have won back to back titles in another league 2015/2016and 2016/2017

Position: Coach

Name: John Rankin


Position: Coach

Name: Tony Reid


Position: Coach

Name: Scott McIntyre